Friday, September 30, 2022
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Crypto Analyst Shared One More Simple Indicator for BTC Bull Run Peak

Vladislav Sopov Analyst @TechDev_52 displays how Fibonacci Retracement Levels can indicate the peak of every Bitcoin (BTC) bullish cycle Contents 2.272 (Log), 5.618 (Linear): Crucial levels to...

SHIB’s Advantages Over DOGE Shared by Top Bloomberg Journalist, Bitcoin Critic

Yuri Molchan Top Bloomberg anti-Bitcoin journalist has shared his take on why SHIB could be better than Dogecoin and why the latter can be...

Ethereum 2.0 Next Steps to Mainnet Shared by Ethereum Foundation

Vladislav Sopov Ethereum (ETH) developers have entered final phase of testing before hotly anticipated ETH1-ETH2 transition Contents Amphora workshop has been completed successfully10,000 validators, 100 nodes:...

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