Monday, June 20, 2022
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Assessing whether Polygon’s place on this report makes sense

Polygon has been at the forefront of DeFi, expanding the network by adding more DApps. However, it seems that despite all its efforts,...

In a market of extreme fear, when will a Bitcoin entry make sense

After its $69,000 all-time high, Bitcoin’s price has been on a downtrend for the most part of the last month. On 4 November,...

Bitcoin on Twitter’s balance sheet ‘doesn’t make sense today’

Twitter Inc.’s billionaire Bitcoiner boss Jack Dorsey is all in on Bitcoin. There’s no denying this. Just recently, he tweeted, “Hyperinflation is going to...

Making sense of the path Bitcoin’s price will take in the near future

Each time a halving occurs, Bitcoin sees a dramatic surge to a new all-time high, beyond many expectations. Bitcoin’s value sees regular pumps,...

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