Monday, August 15, 2022
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Assessing if Bitcoin back to its previous week lows is a real possibility

After a rather short-lived string of higher troughs and peaks within the bounds of a three-month up-channel (yellow), Bitcoin headed south while...

Previous bull-market cycles indicate this about Bitcoin prices

The crypto market has been looking very uninspiring lately. No thanks to India’s upcoming policy decision that seems to have added to the...

Ethereum Drops Below 50-Day-Old Trendline, Following $17 Million Institutional Inflow in Previous Week

Arman Shirinyan Ethereum loses fundamental trend support after dropping by more than $250 overnight, but institutions are still in Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is...

Can whales push Bitcoin, Ethereum to break past previous ATHs

October has provided the much-needed kickstart to Bitcoin and Ethereum’s price rallies. Both the assets have notably created local highs over the last...

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