Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Liquid Meta teams with Civic to bring capital liquidity to permissioned dApps

Liquid Meta, a decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure and technology company, today announced a partnership with Civic, a provider of blockchain-powered digital identity solutions....

Permissioned DeFi protocol Aave Arc goes live on Fireblocks

Firebox, a software platform for custody, managing treasury operations, accessing DeFi, minting & burning tokens, and managing digital asset operations, announced that Aave...

Aave Has Launched Permissioned DeFi Pools for Institutions

Key Takeaways Aave has launched its institutional product, Aave Arc. It will initially be open to 30 institutions that have been whitelisted by Fireblocks. Bitcoin...

First-Ever Solana’s Permissioned DEX Unveiled by Solrise Finance and Civic Technologies: Details

Vladislav Sopov Novel permissioned DEX will be accessed through digital identity verification kit Contents Permissioned DEX launches on Solana's Project SerumMaking DeFi regulatory-compliant Solrise Finance and Civic...

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