Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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BAYC sees 407% increase in volumes thanks to this new issuance

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) entered 2022 the way they did in 2021 – on a high. Two of the top NFT projects, the Bored...

U.S. lawmaker limits Fed’s authority in CBDC issuance through a new bill

Much like most central banks globally, the U.S. Federal Reserve has also been under the process of developing a central bank digital currency...

El Salvador to legalize Bitcoin bond issuance through 20 legislative bills

Months after officiating Bitcoin as legal tender, during which it saw severe global criticism and domestic protests, the El Salvadoran government continues on...

Ethereum Issuance Drops Below Bitcoin’s For the First Time

Ethereum has been on a rally for the past week, moving from a two-month low at $1,700 to its current level at $3,223....

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