Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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IMF shares ‘stability concerns’ over crypto’s increasing correlation with stocks

One of the biggest appeals of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lies in their ability to act as a hedge against inflation as opposed...

Chainlink Hits Two-Month High with Number of Holders Increasing by 265%

Arman Shirinyan Chainlink joins altcoin rally with 66% growth in two months While the cryptocurrency market has been continuously rallying for several weeks, "old players" are getting attention from...

MicroStrategy Bent On Increasing Bitcoin Bet After 9,000 BTC Purchase, Says CEO

MicroStrategy has been bullish from the start evidenced by its bitcoin purchases. The firm owns over 110 bitcoins and has deepened its crypto...

Pakistan authorities face increasing pressure to regulate cryptocurrencies as adoption skyrockets

It is no secret that a large chunk of global cryptocurrency adoption is being driven by P2P transactions on exchange platforms in developing...

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