Monday, June 27, 2022
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Terra (LUNA) Investors Should Consider These Risks: CNBC

Vladislav Sopov Amid splendid run of Terra (LUNA) blockchain, CNBC Make It project indicates top risks that might be associated with the token Contents LUNA performance...

Terra, Solana Up, Litecoin Down: Mike Novogratz on CNBC

Vladislav Sopov Billionaire investor, prominent Bitcoin (BTC) bull Mike Novogratz recommends CNBC adjust its crypto ticker board Contents Novogratz on Litecoin: "Not something people are engaged...

Bitcoin Miners Now Officially Prefer U.S. to China: CNBC

Yuri Molchan The U.S. has become a top destination for Bitcoin miners, outshining China for the first time, according to recent official data CNBC has...

Bitcoin Replacing Gold as Hedge, as CNBC Claims, Is “Very Bullish Sign” for Gold: Peter Schiff

Yuri Molchan Peter Schiff claims that CNBC touting Bitcoin is a “very bullish sign” for gold, here’s why Vocal Bitcoin critic and gold bug Peter...

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