Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Coinbase Chief Of Product Predicts Major Advances For Ethereum In 2022

Ethereum is one of the prominent blockchains in the crypto industry that established smart contract technology. This helped consolidate decentralized finance and checkmate...

ADALend Protocol Advances DeFi on Cardano, Here’s How

Vladislav Sopov ADALend, a pioneering decentralized lending protocol on Cardano (ADA) blockchain, addresses major bottlenecks of loan segment Contents ADALend eases lending operations with liquidity poolsBringing...

Evrynet Joins Stanford’s FDCI Alliance, Advances DEX by SPEEDEX Solution

Vladislav Sopov Evrynet CeDeFi platform is now a part of Standford's Future of Digital Currency Initiative Contents Stanford Future of Digital Currency initiative welcomes EvrynetEvry.Finance DEX...

Constellation Acquires Dor Start-Up, Advances Retail Adoption of Its Products

Vladislav Sopov Dor, a big data SaaS platform, is now acquired by Constellation Network Contents Constellation Network advances its utility with Dor acquisitionUnmatched scalability for retail...

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